YANIV ASSAF, PhD, Tel Aviv University


Full Professor, Department of Neurobiology, George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences and Sagol School of Neuroscience



Dr. Assaf received his graduate degree in chemistry from Tel Aviv University, followed by a joint post-doctorate fellowship at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  In his post-doc Dr. Assaf investigated different aspects of neuronal white matter mapping with MRI, including implementation white matter mapping techniquies for assessment of tissue damage in multiple sclerosis, stroke, and dementia (Alzheimer’s disease).  In addition, he developed new analysis tools that enhance the accuracy and sensitivity of MRI-based white matter mapping techniques (the CHARMED model).



Dr. Assaf is a neuroscientist and biophysicist who joined Tel Aviv University in October 2004.  Since arriving at the university, he has focused on developing MRI techniques and analysis frameworks that will enable indirect measurement of micron-scale structures through low-resolution MRI.  The main hypothesis behind his research is that brain morphology and function are linked.  Under this topic the Assaf group focuses on extracting micron-scale structures of both white and grey matter in animals as well as in the human brain.  This is done with the aim of enhancing the information extracted from MRI beyond the resolution limitation of the millimeter scale.  In particular, current research in the group includes the characterization of the assembly of neuronal networks to produce micron and sub-micron fiber bundles mapping throughout the brain and imaging the local arrangement of cellular structures in the cortical grey matter layers and their relation to the functional anatomy of the human brain.