Dr Rylie Green joined the Bioengineering department at Imperial College London in 2016.

She received her PhD (Biomedical Engineering) from the University of New South Wales, Australia in 2008. Dr Green’s research has been broadly focused on developing medical electrodes, with a specific focus on neuroprostheses. Her research is split into two related streams (i) biomaterials and tissue engineering; and (ii) bionics and device design. While Dr Green’s research has been focused on developing bioactive conducting polymers to improve performance of stimulating electrodes, she has also developed a range of techniques for characterising the in vitro performance of implantable microelectrodes in biologically relevant environments. Specifically, she has investigated electrode technologies for the developmental bionic eye device (with Bionic Vision Australia), and commercial cochlear implants (with Cochlear Ltd). More recently Dr Green has developed hybrids of conducting polymers and hydrogels to reduce strain mismatch with neural tissue and improve long-term cell interactions at the neural interface. This has led to her development of tissue engineered “living electrodes”, a new concept funded by an ERC Consolidator grant, which will allow neural cells to synaptically interface with bionic devices.